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The studies of Dr. İpek Akad have focused on Innovation Economics, Technological Development, and Economic Growth and Development. Her studies comprise of various subjects such as; the Macro and Micro economic impacts of R&D Incentives, R&D and Innovation Production, General Equilibrium Models, and Regional Development. She currently works as a faculty member at Bitlis Eren University and lectures on  Innovation Economics, Regional Economics, and Industrial Economics.

She completed her Bachelor of Economics at Gaziosmanpaşa University and her Master's degree in economics at Dokuz Eylül University. Then, she started her P.h.D. studies at Ege University in 2013. Her doctoral thesis proposal was awarded an international research scholarship by (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) TUBITAK. In the same year, the Department of Management, Strategy, and Innovation (MSI) at KU Leuven granted her a visiting research position where she worked for a year.