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Erasmus Policy Statement

Erasmus Birimi, 13.12.2016, 577

Bitlis Eren University for which people living in the region hold great expectations for their future has positive awareness for the significance of internalization and is also aware of the fact that the most operative way to achieve this target is to cooperate with international institutions and to benefit from their scientific,technical and administrative background through Erasmus programmes;mobility activities ; CDs,IPs.However,as a newly established university,we do no have any previous experience under the framework of LLP.Nevermore, being a break-away university and employing academic staff who have completed their master and Phd degrees in European universities ; past experiences of the university we have broken away and broad vision of academic staff on EU  programmes will contribute us to remove this ostensible disadvantage.

Bologna Process and Erasmus activities are among the priorities of our strategic plan.According to the plan , The Bologna Comission consisting of academic representatives from each department has been established within the Rectorate.The commission has immediately launched studies to subject ECTS and Diploma Supplement for academic usage.During the studies,Quality Assurance,Learning Outcome and Department Sectoral Competence have been taken into consideration.The reports of comission will be published in our website in 2010.The strategic plan foresees to give 10 students and 5 teaching staff benefit of academic and placement mobility for the first year of Erasmus Programme.Compared to previous year , each year  a%40-%60  increase in the mobility activities is planned.

The rectorate commissioned departmental erasmus coordinators to undertake the responsibility of finding universities to cooperate with and signing bilateral agreements.

We have established ''Language Teaching Centre'' to overcome communication problem with which most of exchange students face during erasmus activities.The centre carries out language teaching activities and participation of academic staff and students  in courses is encouraged.Erasmus academic mobility activities will be main stimulus of this encouragement.

Furthermore intensive language courses to outgoing students and staff before their departure and intensive Turkish courses to incoming students and academic staff after their arrival will be delivered.Orientation programmes ,also, will be given to exchange student and staff.

In order to promote erasmus programmes , we will cooperate with private sector enterprises,government institutions and chambers of trade and industry.To provide increase in employabiliy of outgoing erasmus students, we will sign contracts with institutions and inform all our students that ony erasmus students can benefit from these advantages.

In order to provide visibility to erasmus activities,erasmus office will ;

-prepare and distribute booklets during registration periods,

-announce erasmus activities and publish  the EUC and EPS through website of university and boards in schools,

-Organize seminars-conference on erasmus and internationalisation objectives of university for students,academic and administrative staff,

-inform students and staff about erasmus activities via e-mail,

-give full time advisory services.

Bitlis Eren University , a constitutional institution, ensure to comply with non-discrimination objectives as clearly written in the Constitute.The Equal Opportunity Polices of our university are applied to not only home students but also all incoming students,academic and administrative staff.Discriminatory commitments are most likely not expected ; if any, they will all be sorted out under the roof of ''Problem Solving Centre'' to be established within university by 2010.

By 2010, Bologna Comission of our university will complete all preparations to be able to use ECTS and award Diploma Supplement.Studies on activation of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development will be concluded by the comisssion.All these students will be reported and published in our website.

Before their departure , outgoing students and staff will be given intensive language teaching courses and orientation programmes on countries to be visited by Language Teaching Centre.

 The student clubs will undertake organization of welcoming and farewell parties,trips,entertainment programmes for incoming students.Tehey will benefit from all other social,cultural and sports activities,too; thus, they will be satisfied with having the opportunity of a cultural coherence with our students.Orientation programmesan intensive Turkish language teaching courses will also be given to incoming mobility beneficiaries.All incoming erasmus students will be provided free accommodation and the will be free of charge from university fees for tuition, registration, library and laboratory facilities.In addition erasmus office will post home students for assistance to incoming students.Erasmus office and department erasmus coordinators will deliver full time advisory-guiding services to incoming-outgoing students and staff.

All the mobility and placement activities of exchange students and staff will be fully recognized.In order to promote students and staff to participate in mobility activities, additional financial support will be ensured by university except from grant.The activities of staff and students will be regarded as a considerable part of their career.

As a newly established university, we have yet to carry out student placement mobility activities.Placement is obligatory in all departments of the university.That is why, Bitlis Eren University overrates placement activities and  has good relationship with public institutions and trade-indusrty enterprises.Academic and administrative staff are experienced in placement activities and assessment.Bitlis, a developing city, can provide placement activities for incoming students  in industry,building,accounting,tourism,health,business administration,food,banking and insurance,logistics,beekeeping fields.In order to ensure high quality in student placement, a''Placement Centre'' to be responsible for organizing relationship between university and public,private and international entities has been established.The centre will sign contracts with eligible institutions for student placement mobility.According to contracts, the enterprises will have to prepare periodical reports and present them to university.Besides,periodical meetings will be arranged and development of incoming students will be monitored by teaching staff of related departments throughfrequent visits to their placement institutions.Outgoing students will be accompanied by an instructor.The students will be monitored by the instructor and  hand in periodical reports to the instructor for general assessment.The instructor will also visit enterprises and exchange views with authorities to receive the highest output from this placement activity on behalf of students and our university.The student placement mobility will be fully recognized on curriculum programme and will be specified in Diploma Supplement.


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